About Us



The mission of 3DPrintCLCTech is to promote digital manufacturing and empower local 3D printing enthusiasts.

My vision for this shop is to leverage ecommerce and my product design background to not only create customized products for automotive and consumer applications but also collaborate with local 3D printing enthusiasts & hobby shops to drive adaptation of digital manufacturing.

I am a mechanical engineer by trade and worked in the consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries. I spent 10+ years working with CAD and getting products to market using various manufacturing techniques: 3d-printing, injection molding, and CNC machining.

We take our designs and work with our network of 3d printer owners and local printing shops to refine and turn these ideas into reality. Our 3d printing partners gain experience as we come up with more design and experiment with different plastic filaments and print settings. Our 3d printing partners can be anyone from 2 engineers in a garage running a LLC in NYC to a college student experimenting with his/her first 3d printer in Ohio.

For every item sold through our shop, another 3d printing entrepreneur gets the opportunity to buy another roll of filament, test a new setting, or trouble-shoot a failed print. There are many aspects to digital manufacturing and we believe 3d printing is one way our Etsy shop can contribute to upskill the next generation of aspiring engineers and manufacturing entrepreneurs. And we will do this one print at a time.

Also drop us a note if you have suggestions for product ideas, we will make them happen :)